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We were asked to undertake the complete external refurbishment of this large traditionally constructed 1930’s house.

After the scaffold was erected it became clear that the timber work and masonary repairs would need to be extensive in order to allow the decorations to be completed to the required high standard. The extent of repairs were then identified and costed on a regular basis with the emphasis on maintaining as much of the original structure as practical. We were able to match all of the original mouldings which allowed the repairs to be as seamless as possible.

After the repairs and redecorations were completed. We were asked to look at a long term problem with the sun room roof which had a very low pitch and despite previous efforts continued to leak in bad weather. We suggested the use of easy slate plastic roof trays. Using this method we were able to solve the problem of the leaking roof without the need to increase the pitch of the roof.

This project was pleasing as we were able to complete the work to the normal high standard and we were able to solve the long standing problem of the leaking roof using new techniques.